Take a Sentimental Journey

The Aberfoyle Antique Market is an historic, open-air venue – and a world away from a typical shopping trip.

Situated on more than 20 green acres that are dotted with cabins, stalls and barns, we’re a treasure trove of unique items from the past.

Breathe in fresh air and enjoy a spacious, unrushed, low-key atmosphere. Find hidden treasures (some are hiding in plain sight!) among the wares of 100+ dealers who are the real McCoy antique hunters.

Be prepared to be moved -- the antiques and collectibles can trigger long-forgotten memories, offer lessons in Ontario history, and of course inspire ideas for adding character and charm to your home or office.


No Muzak, No Malls, Very Few Walls

There’ll be no canned music in the air – but you’ll probably find some terrific 7-inch records and a phonograph to play them on.

Fresh Old Goods

The whimsical wares on offer are replenished weekly, as new/old products are brought in by the dealers who know Ontario’s back roads so well. Whatever your age or interest, it’s hard not to find something intriguing.

For a list of the categories of goods on offer, see the Antiques & Collectibles section

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Anymore

Get remarkable deals on high quality, unique goods. For example, a finely constructed antique walnut or mahogany dresser will cost you only a fraction of a mass-produced, brand-new product.


Release Your Inner Haggler

Feel free to haggle!

Now That You’ve Worked Up an Appetite

We have a short-order-style restaurant on site, along with an ice-cream booth.

Fly Solo, or Bring Friends, Kids, and Fido

Friends, kids and even Fido (leashed, please) can come along and not be bored. For more info, see the FAQ section.


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